Conference on personal well-being on the job as fundraiser (17 September 2020)

How to keep your courage and oxygen to keep going for your fundraising job with infectious enthusiasm

Excessive performance pressure and burnout are omnipresent today and affect many professionals. The consequences for personal well-being are often big, the negative effect on organisations as a whole and, by extension, society are proportionately big. Fundraisers are often at the forefront when it comes to performing under permanent pressure, achieving targets, keeping a wide variety of stakeholders satisfied. All that in an outside world that is changing at an exponential pace. As the need for private financing increases within organizations, the expectations also increase with regard to the Fundraiser.

Obviously this is not applicable to everyone or anywhere, but still, as a Fundraiser we have to cope with negative or wrong perception in regard to the ‘métier’, unrealistic financial goals that too often go hand in hand with shrinking budgets, disproportionate expectations from higher levels in the organisation, etc. Many balls to keep in the air and not always evident to find the every day courage and oxygen to go for it with infectious enthusiasm.

In this session we will talk to specialists and experts who will not only guide us through current insights regarding well-being on the job,  learn us to recognize signals from ourselves or colleagues and, above all, will provide us with many tips and tricks for a physically and mentally healthy way to deal with the countless challenges that we have to deal with on a daily basis as a Fundraiser.

We often see it as something that will not happen to us.  Yet therefore … more than worth the effort to dwell on this burning topical theme together, to exchange with peers, to gain insights from HR professionals and to be provided with handy and clever work life balance tools.

Attending this conference will help you in finding and garanteeing the positive and commited mindset that we alle need to keep going in function of our mission and ultimate beneficiaries!

Speakers will be announced as soon as possible.

From 09.00 am to 12.30 pm.
@ Brussels (exact location to be confirmed)

Language (slides in English, spoken language in Dutch (and French))

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